7/22 Get back to Medan

Istana Maimun, Mesjid Raya, Vihara Setia Budi, Kuil Shri Mariamman are the goals for out visit today.

It's raining, but we still leave for Istana Maimun in the morning. Istana Maimun is the palace in which the King and Queen live, and they even still live there now, only that the par for visit is not the part they live. It's interesting that Istana Maimun was bigger than it is; with the development of the city, the size of the big garden of the palace is getting smaller and smaller.

Mesjid Raya in Medan is surprisingly much smaller than the Mesjid Raya in Aceh. And in Aceh Mesjid Raya, we are required to dress jilbab and can not show any par of our skin except for face and hands, while in Medan Mesjid Raya, we don't have to dress so formally. There are few people in Medan Mesjid Raya but many people in Aceh Mesjid Raya.

Vihara Setia Budi is also part of Chinese culture. People in Taiwan definitely know who Vihara Setia Budi is. Getting into the Vihara Setia Budi temple makes me feel like home. We can read-- for thare are mant chinese characters in this temple. I also pray for a while, wishing that our group members will be fine, not sick anymore, and my family in Taiwan are also fine.

Kuil Shri Mariamman is a temple with various colors. The main god in this temple is a marvelous shooter. It is said that this temple is originally established in 1886 B.C. When we heard "B.C.", everybody is surprising, because it looks new. Then the host in this temple tells us that this temple was rebuilt 20 years ago.

7/21 The last day in Aceh

Today is the last day we stay in Aceh. We get ourselves all ready for leaving in the morning. But actually we still have some time for a little visit.

Dewina and Jony lead us to the beach, which is the scene Tsunami happens. Beside the beach there is a concrete factory and it has a high bridge for transportation. Jony tells us that several hours after Tsunami, there are hundreds of dead body hanged on the bridge. However, look at the white beach. It is so beautiful and so attractive. Who can imagine that there is a tragedy like that happens? And people in this area live just like the beach; they hide their sorrow, they put down their tears, and they choose to look forward. Each group member of ours pick some shells in this beach; we want to remember the spirit Acehness hold, and we miss the days we stay here. Thank Dewina, thank Jony. thank Pak Liong and Ibu Lili, and also thank Acehness, those who make this city stronger and braver.

We leave today, but we miss Aceh forever.

7/20 Syiah Kuala, IAIN, and Mesjid Raya

Early in this morning, we visit Syiah Kuala University.

The president of Syiah Kuala is very friendly. He invited our leader for a talk before we meet in the campus, and they also talked about the signing of a MOU between Syiah Kuala and Tsing-Hua University. However, unfortunately, due to the time limit and lack of consideration, this chance of cooperation is not able to be practiced.

The environment of Syiah Kuala was quite tranquil; maye that's because the new semester didn't start yet. Not very formal, we just took a simple look around the campus.After that, we also had a conference, discussing our emate project and showing them our achievement so far. Students of Syiah Kuala quite appreciated our plans, and they also provided us some useful information. This is really good interaction on the use of Open Source and Free Software.

Later in the afternoon, we went to IAIN, meeting the president and other important faculties. The goal of our visit is to realize Islim culture. In the conference, the preisident first introduce the simple history of IAIN's establishment and share the story of Cheng-he with us. We talked a lot about this issue because the story of Cheng-he is also part of Chinese history.

After that, the professor also led us to Mesjid Raya to meet IMAM. He told us the history of Mesjid Raya in Aceh, including its establishment, its destruction by Holand people, how Acehness is mad about the destroy of Mesjid Raya, and how Holand people realise the value of Mesjid Raya to Acehness.

Last Journey in Banda Aceh

July 20, 2007
Started at 07:15am after we’ve finished our breakfast in Peunayong market. We headed to Syiah Kuala University by lorry (labi-labi in Indonesian). Our destination went to Syiah Kuala University is hope in a few years ahead we can make cooperation in education with Fakultas MIPA (Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty) UNSYIAH. In here I feel so glad coz I have came back and I hope what that I’ve learned in Taiwan I can share with friends in ACEH.

01:45pm after Islamic Friday Pray we continue our travelling to IAIN, our destination in here is making a good relationship also wanna know about Islam culture. In our meeting also came the young UNICEF members from Hongkong. I think it’s fun. At that time there’re 3 different country, also culture. I feel glad too, becoz even though we’re different religion, culture but they’re so friendly to us, we really friends I so appreciated of that.

04:30pm We continue our journey to Great Mosque Baitulrahman. In this part, there’re something fun, every girl from our members who wanna come in to the Great Mosque must wear Jilbab. It’s the first time they’ve wear Jilbab. Our destination in here is wanna know more about Islamic Culture. We’ve met IMAM in there, and the IMAM have told many things to us about the Great Mosque history. The Great Mosque start built in 1612 by Sultan Iskandar Muda. From now I think I wanna know more about my hometown history.

07:30pm we have dinner with traditional Acehnese food. Almost one years I don’t eat the food. I really enjoyed it !!!!

The first day of Aceh workshop

7/17 晚風吹過的亞齊



第一天的課程因為網路和語言的關係,到下午快結束的時候,發現有的老師已經按耐不住了,在我們前面的Google Earth組,有漂亮的地球和地形;後面的SketchUp組各個興致勃勃、笑聲不斷,反觀我們這裡相當安靜,可以說是到了沉寂的氣氛了...不過學員們是不會抱怨的,他們的個性很祥和,很有耐心地聽我講課、也還是很配合地看我示範。這其中我真的也很感激Risma的幫忙,總覺得自己的破爛英文,恐怕有時候讓他都很confused要教學員甚麼,不過他聰明又有耐心的特質,讓每個組員都能享受到有無微不至的照顧。

Aceh workshop的第一天讓人覺得有些疲累,腦中卻不斷再思考該怎麼安排隔日的教學。總是希望能看到學員們買足的眼神,就像我們前幾天在棉蘭帶的老師們一樣;能有機會和伊斯蘭教的人接觸,也是非常榮幸的,在這之中體驗到不同文化的差異,以及觀察不同國情的特色,都是非常棒的經驗。

The last day of the workshop in Aceh

The 19th of July, 2007

Today is the last day of the workshop in Banda Aceh. The goal of the workshop is to show some freeware resources on the internet as well as to share resources and open doors to the world outside. The participants are divided into four groups, namely, JIMP, Flickr, Google Earth, and SketchpUp. All the four groups have done tremendous great masterpiece. As seen from the photo.

We hope that all the participants from the four groups could communicate, learn, and create a joint effort. We wish you all the satisfaction of having gained something and find this workshop enjoyable.

Thanks to
every one of you, for attending and participating in this workshop.

Best wishes to all of you!


7/18 Workshop in Aceh- Day 2

The second day of teaching in Aceh is also good.

Group Flickr goes out to take pictures, very excited in that they have never used digital camera. They love to take pictures with children.

GIMP creative hteir own color, insects on the building, deleting frackles makes them very surprising, and also strangthen their motivation of learning.

Google Earth put markers to represent their homes, offices, or other favorite places. They can also click certain markers and then they can "fly" to the place, which makes them quite happy.

Sketch up Students are different from those in Medan. The process is slow, but the interaction between students are better. They teach each other, even better than we teach them. Each work gets style, and also show strong personal color. They way they draw, the way they make mistakes, the way they solve problems are all like what they are.

People in Aceh are really friendly. When the internet runs into problems, it's the time for language teaching!! They teach us Acehness and Indonesian, and we teach them Chinese. Before I know the meaning of "Lon galak gata", I repeat that dozens times and people are all looking at me. Not untill everybody is laughing did I know that means "I love you."= =+

7/19Workshop in Aceh- Day3

今天的我擔任了攝影的角色,從鏡頭中看到許多學員認真的眼神以及從學習中得到的快樂,今天早上準備著下午的成果展結果在9點45分的時候突然跳電使學員一場驚叫,因為害怕剛努力的成果沒存檔完成,唯獨GIMP的電腦剛好都沒跳電,令他們很開心,我也看到我們這些清大的老師們在課程中展現出教學與服務的熱忱,感謝梁炳順校長、Ibu Li Li、阿忠哥及德瑞娜這幾天對我們的照顧與幫忙。結業式在成果分享,交換紀念品以及頒發結業證書後,即進入尾聲,在亞齊數位學習中心門口拍下完美的大合照留下記錄,也相約明年可以再次有機會互相交流。

by 雅卉

7/17 What we have learned from PMI in Aceh

Yesterday afternoon, the Communication and Public Relations officer of PMI , Ardi has taken us to two famous locations after the tsunami- the electricity-generating boat and the saving-life boat in Aceh. The former has been used to power the neighborhood. “PLTD APUNG” is its name. After tsunami it was moved about 1.5~2 km away from the coast. It now already been turn into a memorial of the tsunami. And the latter was pushed over a house now. When the tsunami occurred, it had saved 52 people, so the local government also prepare to buy the boat and the houses which is under the boat for memorial in the future.

As Ardi talks the stories about the two boats, I realized an important thing from his eyes. His eyes told me that he is very proud of his job, especially in saving people who need help in his country. Although the language we use is quite different, I also can still feel his enthusiasm in guiding us. I also hope that one day I can find a job which really is worth for me to devote my whole life in it, and do something meaningful for other people just like Ardi.

I am not a fan of the Spiderman, but I really like the sentence he said in the movie “With great power comes great responsibility.” No matter what kind of treatment you receive from other people, you have to take the responsibility which is belong to you without any excuses.

by Kerwin


Saturday,14 July 2007

Today is the last day of the Workshop for Medan. We could see that most of the participants were just getting excited and started getting good at what they doing! They were very excellent teachers!! I’m quite sure about it because they did the presentation very excellent too ( although I didn’t see all of the presentation, I just saw some of it because I was busy taking care for the certificate).
In the closing ceremony, the participants received their certificates, the tutors from Taiwan received nice wood photo albums, flattering applauses and praises from the participants…it was really too much to receive I think… Then the workshop ended with taking photgraphs together, the participants and the tutors altogether. The members of each groups were also taking pictures together and say farewell. Maybe some of us didn’t want to end the workshop, but it still has to end, otherwise……never mind :p
But….it wasn’t really ended actually, especially for us, the E-Mate team. We still had something important to do and It was the best part for me, actually :p It was the celebration! ( well, I just exaggerating tough) we went to the SUN PLAZA and had our dinner there and our Prof. Shen treated us for the dinner. It was a glamour dinner for us and the food was very very delicious!!. And we also had a special and handsome guess, the name is Leo. He is a volunteer too who helped the Bodhicitta School. So, the conclusion is it was a great day with great dinner, great people and we did a great job!
Oh, one more thing, it was about Jacky, he was sick today, he got cold and he had to see the doctor in the morning and had to take some rest for the rest of the day. Poor Jacky…@@ But, he did join the dinner with us..We miss you honey….


7/17 Workshop in Aceh- Day 1

Today is the first day for our workshop in Aceh. Early in the morning, it's not the time for register, but students have already arrived and waited to come in. The processes are quite smooth, except that the speed of internet is really low. The groups Flickr and Google Earth runs very slow because the internet speed. However, maybe it's because we have already learned more Indonesian words, students are more willing to talk with us in Indonesian.

At the first stage, we have them fill out the register forms, take personal picture for them, teach them to use wiki user page, write self-introduction to show the classmates and send e-mails to [nthuid].

Students here are quite different from those in Medan, who are all very shy. In Aceh, students are all very easygoing and feel free to give presentation. They seems to be
comfortable to work with unfamiliar people. Less than one day, all the students get along like friends!

It's a pleasure that they show much interests in our teaching meterials. They are willing to

read the textbooks by themselves first, trying to do what's going tyo be taught first, and also trying to solve problems by themselves, although they may sometimes make a mess. ^^

A good start is a stepping stone to success!








下午的課程規劃,電腦課程及華語課程的討論,腦力激盪下創造出很多點子,現場Maira 校長還當場唱起華語歌曲,真是太可愛了,淑華大姐一講到食物,同組學員也不禁開心了起來,因為華語課程這麼有趣,這麼風趣,讓人覺得不上華語課真的太可惜了!


7/12 棉蘭社區大學籌備處上課的第一天





7/16 Visiting UNICEF & PMI

Today we have visited UNICEF in the morning. To our surprise, Anna, Mika, Mr.Teh, and Dr. Yang all came to welcome us.

In the conference held in UNICEF office, we talk about the major missions UNICEF has and the problems of drinkable water.

In SDN1, in addition to the classrooms from Grade 1-6, we also went to see the water-supplying system. On the one hand, they use the wanter underground, which is stored in the tank; on the other hand, they collect rain water. When it comes to rain water, the skill of cleaning it is quite special. They use a special mechanism to lead the rain water to be self-cleaning for a while and then store in the tank, too. The toilets in this school is still not good enough in that many facilities are broken. Mr. Teh says that the take care of hygiene is usually the part that is most basic but most easy to be forgotten.

15th of July: The flight from Medan to Banda Aceh

After the two workshops in Medan, today we set off to Banda Aceh at 11:55am on flight GA184. The flight was pretty bumpy but since we are all so tired off, we slept for the whole one hour flight. Finally, with excitement and energy, we arrived Banda Aceh.

Banda Aceh is a city very different from Medan. The beautiful mountain opened arms to us as soon as we step out the airplane. The weather is brilliant with the sun shining and a few clouds floating on the sky. Although there is plenty of dissimilarities between Medan and Banda Aceh but I like them both. It was not until the cows and goats and sheep I saw did I fall in love with another city in Indonesia but the people, the atmosphere and the surroundings.

As soon as we walked pass the Customs, Pak Liong, Pak Ardi, Ibu Lily, and Ibu Dewina welcomed us with their friendly smile. Then, we set off to see one of the reconstructing schools by PMI which provides education for both junior high and high school students. Since the boy section started six years ago, there are 135 boys but only 25 girls which just began last year. We saw the schools, the dining hall, the clinic sponsored by the government, and the dormitory area. Attached is the photo taken in front of the girls dormitory.

In the end, we closed our day with a restaurant just across the e-learning center with nasi goreng and mie goreng!

by Agnes

14th of July: the closing of the workshop

Today is the closing of the three-day workshop in Bodhicitta School and Bodhicitta Mandala Foundation of Medan. All the four groups impressed everyone with their marvelous achievements.

The presentation started out with the group "GIMP." Presented to us is the puzzle, name card, and comic they accomplished. Then the group "SketchUp" showed us their group masterpiece of the works they've done during the workshop and also a community of their dream house. Not to mention, the Bodhicitta School drawn by Effendi. Later, the group "Flickr" showed us the photo album of Bodhicitta School and some useful teaching materials, such as crossword and hangman. Finally, the group "Google Earth" flew us to mecca and kuala lumpur for a visual sight seeing.

During this three-day workshop, we introduced ourselves, got closer with each other, and together finished the final presentation.

by Agnes

Response (2007.7.12)

Apipin and Ridwan Parulian Elwi

For us who have prepared the teaching plan for two months, today is really unforgettable. It is the first day of Medan workshop. It is the first day for us to be the teachers as well. With the nervous feeling, we start our courses. Students are very smart and are fast learners. Like Sugimin and Ridwan, they often could finish the assignment very quickly. Psrulian is very serious and work hard. Communicating with Apipin in English, Indonesia, and Taiwanese is also interesting. And I really appreciate Yosua and Elwi’s help. Yosua is honest and kind. Elwi is very beautiful and speaks Chinese very well. I am really thankful for their cooperation. Knowing these friends makes me feel very happy. Hope what we did could really do some benefit for them. Then, it is worthy for us to come all the way from Taiwan.

07/13 心得感言




端看各組,皆擁有不同的文化及網絡,GIMP組學員擁有豐富的團隊能力,在統一教學時,總是看到GIMP能圍成一圈展現團隊能力,利用華語彼此也能溝通,強大的功能軟體,讓他們學習欲罷不能;Flickr組勇於秀出每個人所甫知網路相簿所編輯的內容,從每人的相簿也可看出他們眼中所看見世界;Google SketchUp組總是靜靜地埋頭苦幹,小心翼翼去設計自己的堡壘,深怕出自己一不小心會將三合院劃成豬寮;而Google Earth組不斷深思自己的內容,可以如何套入自己各科教材,他們也漸漸瞭解電腦輔助工具的重要性。



7/13 The second day of fighting

The teaching of our group is getting on track gradually. Although the place is still very hot, we have got used to it.
The four groups have much interaction than the previous day. For example, sketch up group learned to upload their work onto google earth. And in GIMP group, Robbin started to help to teach other students.
Biksu also treated us special drink, Telong Belanda, which give us a grate relief.

7/12 It's the day!!

It's the day!! Today we are going to formally enforce our teaching. Early at 6.20 in the morning, we go to get everything wll-prepared. For the sake of that part of Medan people speak Chinese and English, some Chinese and Indonesian, still others only Indonesian. The opening and the teaching is mixed with Indonesian, Chinese, and English, sometimes we even heard of people skeaking Southern Min! It is quite interesting, although much of the content they are expressing is disunderstood.
The teaching is quite smooth, and the levels of our students are quite high. We even worried that our material may nor satisfy our curious students.
Sketch up group suddenly became the stars in our course for that the 3D buildings are so amazing. Google earth and Filkr group both fascinate students with interesting edit for albums and designs. However, gimp, which is the hardest and the most challenging one, seems to have some tiny problems about students processing on it.
So far so good in teaching all of these, hope that it is really helpful to their teaching.

7/11 Meeting with TAs

A good morning, we have the special breakfast - Long tong, which is so interesting to have much vegetables and spicy, refreshing all of us.
After breakfast, we go to check all the facilities and the place we are going to teach in. Much to our surprise, the facilities here are quite good!! LCD monitors, bradnd-new computers, and wireless internet. All of these are owing to the project of Taipei city government on Tsunami.
In Buddhicitta school, we meet all the TAs of us.In the meeting, we report the key points of this workshop, and both of us share the teaching skills with each other. At the first beginning, we are too unfamiliar to say much; after the noon, talking about the food in Medan, all these girls are like good friends!

The means here are almost spicy, which is my favorite. Sugianto, our interpretor, even demostrate the most local way to eat, with only right hand rather than with chopsticks or spoons.

That evening, black-out occurs again. Getting around an immergency light, we still have to meet for the next day's schedule.

7/10--We flied all day long.

The day before we got on the plane, almost no one got sleep. On the plane, we slept like a rod, awoke only when eating. But after the 5-hour flying, we finally have enough energy to work.

In ChanGi airport, we looked happily around those duty-free shops, had some special things to eat, and spent 4 hours to find that the internet was at hand but we didn't notice.

sketch up group even drew and prepared their teaching material at the airport. The other groups also practiced as much as possible.

After the one hour and 20 mins flying, we finally arrive Medan. Thoughtful Pak Halim, Ms. Huang and Ms. Chen came to pick us up. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner!!^^ But the problem of electricity is quite serious. Most people have generators.

Professor Shen's sharing

Early in today's morning, we have our team leader, Professor Shen, Tzong-Ruey, share his experiences of living in Indonesia and the information about the geography and history. It is said the way of your life is quite peaceful and easy. This makes us to take the visit and our service for you rather expecting. We can't wait!

Delicious Indonesia

In order to know you guys better, yesterday, we invited a speaker, Mr. Chen, Zong-liang, the manager of the project of Tsunami in Taiwan Red Cross, to tell us much information about Indonesia. It includes the international public affairs, the Tsunami effect, and the reconstruction projects.
Through those pictures Mr. Chen showed to us, we found that Indonesia is so beautiful and so "strong." Those pretty dress on girls, those magnificent Grand Mosque and sweet-looking fruits all motivate us to visit more. Mr. Chen encouraged us that we must have taste Aceh noodles, which is too delicious to resist. Wow, my mouth is watering!

Tsing-hua University

Teaching Skills

The second day of our tense training for teaching materials, Peggie Scott designed a more complete presentation for us. This reminded us that how interesting our courses are! Wanna know what's attractive? You may log on the site to preview the materials we have done. Nine Days left, expect to see you!! ^^

Tsing-hua University

Materials on Net!

Our teaching materials for those conferences have been put on Net!!
Students and TA of this project, please feel free to look around~
GIMP for teachers
GIMP untuk guru

Flickr untuk guru

Google Earth for teachers
Google Earth untuk guru

SketchUp for teachers
SketchUp untuk guru

Claudia, Tsing-hua University

Be Students, Be Teachers

Being a student for so long a time, have you ever thought how hard it can be to be a teacher? Today, our volunteer fellows invite Ms. Peggie Scott to teach those "student teachers" how to teach more authoratively and confidently. Through many intersting examples and presentation, we deeply realize that those properties, like patience, big smiles, and a good personality, are key points to get students' actively willing to learn. Besides, she also taught us about classroom arrangement, including turning off your students' screen when asking questions to get control.

Our fellows also try to teach for the first time. We observe each other, making suggestion and inforcing feedback to improve our teaching quality.

In the end of today's teaching class, we have Juno and Hendri teach us some greeting words in Indonesian. So interesting and so challenging! NAMA SAYA CLAUDIA, APA KABAR!

Kami akan segera mengunjungi anda!
Kami sangat mengharapkan bisa bertemu dengan anda!

E-Mate Project

Tsing-hua University

Some further info on "staff training workshop" and "ESP"

Dear Pak Halim and Jondy,

Allow me again to reply your letter directly to [nthuid] for public notice.

I'm very sorry that I didn't reply your letter immediately, because in the last two weeks I had to apply for further governmental grants for our project before their deadlines.

I'm also sorry that I didn't make it clear in the final schedule:

1. The "staff training workshop" will be only for the staffs of Bodhicitta Studying Center. It will take place at the Studying Center, but at the same date and time with the "teacher training workshop" for Bodhicitta School. Therefore, the volunteers of our team will be separated into two groups during July 12 to July 14: 8 members responsible for Bodhicitta School workshop and the other 6 members for Bodhicitta Studying Center workshop.

2. ESP stands for "Environmental Services Program", which is an Indonesian national-wide NGO dealing with environmental protection affairs, especially the water resources management. On July 23, we will visit the North Sumatra Regional Office of ESP in Medan, which has the following contact information:

North Sumatra Regional Office
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 6
Medan 20152
Sumatra Utara
Tel. +62-61-453-1007
Website: http://www.esp.or.id/

We had contacted ESP through the help from Bodhicitta Mandala Foundation in May and during recent weeks. We will let you know if ESP confirms our visit request.

Thank you very much for your help! ^___^

Universitas Komunitas Bamboo di Xinzhu Taiwan

The July schedule for our project (updated)

Dear Jondy and all friends,

Nice to hear from you again! :p

Allow me to reply this message directly to [nthuid] because I think a lot of friends have the same question as yours.

We're very sorry for giving you the non-updated version of our proposal during the survey trip. Just after we printed out all the Indonesian proposals a few days before the survey trip departure, our travel agent told us we could not book the flights as we originally planned and all the July schedule should be rearranged. That's why the proposal we've given to you is "non-updated".

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the final rearrangement for our schedule:

2007/07/10: Arrive at Medan.
2007/07/11: Preparation for Medan workshops.
2007/07/12-14: Two workshops at the same time but in different places. One is the "teacher training workshop" at Bodhicitta School, the other is "staff training workshop" at the Bodhicitta Studying Center near Bodhicitta School. The last one was decided during the last few days of the survey trip.
2007/07/15: Fly to Banda Aceh.
2007/07/16: Study visits to UNICEF and PMI (Red Cross) at Banda Aceh.
2007/07/17-19: The "high school teacher training workshop" at Banda Aceh
2007/07/20: Study visits to Syiah Kuala University, IAIN Ar-Raniry and Mesjid Baiturrahman
2007/07/21: A study visit to tsunami recovery area. Fly to Medan.
2007/07/22: Study visits to Medan cultural places. They are Istana Maimun, Mesjid Raya, Vihara Setia Budi and Kuil Shri Mariamman.
2007/07/23: Study visits to ESP, USU Library and Medan Public Library.
2007/07/24: Back to Taiwan

Thank you Jondy and everybody for your help! ^____^

Bamboo Community University, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Contact letters to Indonesia

Dear Agnes, Jackie, Sheila and my other Friends who are writing the
wonderful letters to Indonesia,

I would like to help with the letters you're writing and have some
suggestions to help focus on the purpose of the letter. Please
remember that I don't know the people you're writing to or the
arrangements that may have already been made. So some of my
suggestions may not be useful. If you'd like me to help with a little
grammar check just send the letter back with the new information and
I'll be happy to check it.

Best of luck with all your requests, the meetings sound very
stimulating and educational.


1) Why do you want to visit the location?
2) What are the benefits of the visit?
-- a) to the volunteers?
-- b) to the group who will be giving their time?
3) What is the accepted form of greeting in Indonesia? (i.e. Dear
Mr./Ms/Dr. or Dear FirstName LastName or Dear FirstNameOnly or
something else?)
4) Did Wei-Ping Jia and Jia-Wen Chen (Jackie and Apple) visit or speak
to each of these organizations you're writing to?
-- a) If yes, did they ask about the volunteers visiting in July?
-- b) If yes, what response did they receive? In other words, has
anything been pre-arranged?
-- c) Also, if they did visit, what name did they use?
-- d) Is there a way you can refer to both of them together, such
as, "our Directors."?
5) Is there only one possible time you have available to meet? Since
you will be asking busy people to do you a favor, I'd suggest to give
them as many options as possible on the time. Perhaps give them a
range of time or a couple of days as an option.
6) I believe the first letter my be too soon to give them a full
schedule. If they see a schedule that is very exact and they can not
meet part of it, they may just say no, rather than suggest an


Here are our LOGO & Group T-Shirt!! ^^!

Dear all:

Our LOGO & Group T-Shirt have produced !! (Please see the
attached file )

"e-mate" means that we are friends in e-learning, and bring some
"e"-experience for our friends in Indonesia.

"m" represents "Medan", "a " represents "Aceh"
& "T" of course, means "Taiwan".

Hope everyone will like these ...^^
and we could make good friends in this summer.

Best regards,


Google Maps Test

A Google Maps test. Yes! We can insert a map into our e-Mate blog!


Please take a look at the "e-Mate Blog" :p

Dear friends,

Meanwhile, I'm setting up a blog for "The NTHU and CU Indonesia
Volunteer Project" and inviting some of the project members to be
authors of the blog. Please don't reject my invitation if you've
received my message from the blog. ^__^

Oh ya. I would like to tell you one good news. Kerwin (from NTHU,
Taiwan) is designing the logo for our project. And the new attractive
name for our project is: "e-Mate: Community IT Volunteers from
Indonesia and Taiwan," which was discussed and decided at the
May 29 NTHU and CU meeting. We hope you like our new project
name. And if you have any further suggestion about the new name,
please don't be hesitate to comment here.

Please visit:

e-Mate Blog

Please tell me if you want to be one of the authors of the blog.

Thanks Kerwin and thank you all!

Apple. Saya Jus Apel.
Universitas Kommunitas Bamboo, Xinzhu, Taiwan


Flickr Photo Albums of e-Mate Project Members

Medan Public Library, Indonesia

This is a list for some of our project members' Flickr photo albums:

Ima Dwitawati (Banda Aceh)

Risma Rita (Banda Aceh)

Sugianto (Banda Aceh, Taiwan)

Peggie Scott (USA, Taiwan)

Yu-Hsin Liu (Taiwan)

Jia-Wen Chen (Taiwan)

Enjoy and have fun! ^__^

Bamboo Community University, Xinzhu, Taiwan

The NTHU and CU Indonesia Volunteer Project 2007

Dear friends from Indonesia and Taiwan,

Thank you for participating in "The NTHU and CU Indonesia Volunteer Project" this year.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit our project website:

Proyek Sukarelawan NTHU dan CU di Indonesia

If you want to know how to take part in the [nthuid] group discussion, please visit:

Nthuid07:Discussion forum

If you want to know who the other project members are, please visit:

Nthuid07:Team and oganizing

Thank you for joining this joint volunteer project between Indonesia and Taiwan - there is no distance between us on internet!

Bamboo Community University, Xinzhu, Taiwan.