7/10--We flied all day long.

The day before we got on the plane, almost no one got sleep. On the plane, we slept like a rod, awoke only when eating. But after the 5-hour flying, we finally have enough energy to work.

In ChanGi airport, we looked happily around those duty-free shops, had some special things to eat, and spent 4 hours to find that the internet was at hand but we didn't notice.

sketch up group even drew and prepared their teaching material at the airport. The other groups also practiced as much as possible.

After the one hour and 20 mins flying, we finally arrive Medan. Thoughtful Pak Halim, Ms. Huang and Ms. Chen came to pick us up. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner!!^^ But the problem of electricity is quite serious. Most people have generators.

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