7/21 The last day in Aceh

Today is the last day we stay in Aceh. We get ourselves all ready for leaving in the morning. But actually we still have some time for a little visit.

Dewina and Jony lead us to the beach, which is the scene Tsunami happens. Beside the beach there is a concrete factory and it has a high bridge for transportation. Jony tells us that several hours after Tsunami, there are hundreds of dead body hanged on the bridge. However, look at the white beach. It is so beautiful and so attractive. Who can imagine that there is a tragedy like that happens? And people in this area live just like the beach; they hide their sorrow, they put down their tears, and they choose to look forward. Each group member of ours pick some shells in this beach; we want to remember the spirit Acehness hold, and we miss the days we stay here. Thank Dewina, thank Jony. thank Pak Liong and Ibu Lili, and also thank Acehness, those who make this city stronger and braver.

We leave today, but we miss Aceh forever.

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