Meet with Hsinchu mayor Lin Cheng-Tse

2009 Emate group members, Easy and Selene, visited Hsinchu mayor Lin Cheng-Tse yesterday, requesting assistance from HsinChu City Government to help Tsing Hua students completing the volunteering project.

Meet with Hsinchu mayor Lin Cheng-Tse


Personal information of group member (Shih)

Chinese name:謝詩 (Shih Hsieh)
English name : Shih
Avocation : play guitar ,basketball, reading
*What I want to say is…………
My name is Shih Hsieh. I'm glad that I get the chance to serve aboard as a volunteer. I am now a graduate student of Institute of Sociology in National Tsing Hua University. I like sport and music, especially good at basketball. I've played basketball as a school basketball team player for more than eight years. Basketball has been my second talent that I am looking for playing basketball with your Indonesian students.
This trip to Medan, Ache, and Sambung aim at creating a high-tech environment for primary and secondary teachers and student there. Our team has prepared for several monthes that we hope to make some contributions. Furthermore, we wish to build consoliate and consitent friendship with Indonesian students for the further coorporation.

Personal information of group member (Sally)

Hello!! My dear friends in Indonesia. My name is HAUNG YIN-CHIAO. You can call me Sally. It is my English name. I study in third grade of department of Chinese Language. If you are interested in Chinese, we can study it together. Besides, maybe we can have a “language echange activity” to know more of each other’s special, interesting culture. In my free time, I like to watching movies and TV. In addition, I love to swimming and playing ping pong. Also, I have learned practicing yoga for one year. Because I’m busy for my studies and club of department activities, I have left my yoga schedule for a long time. 

If you are interested in above hobbies, please call me!! :) we can do these exercises together.
I really can’t wait to see you guys. I believe that we will have a good and amazing experience visiting Indonesia in our lives. Also, we’ll have a good time to work together. So, please expect our coming! See you “later”~~ we’ll coming soon!!

Personal information of group member (Michael)

Hello everyone =ˇ=! I am Lee Ming-Han, you can call me Michael, which is my English name. I am a freshman in Tsing Hua University, and I major in chemical engineering. This year, my first year in college, I decide to join the most passionate and positive team, the group of Indonesia volunteer. To relate to my characteristic, I am enthusiastic, outgoing, and sometimes crazy I think, ha, maybe not that crazy. Being one of the member in the group, I play the role of fund raiser. Although it had been a big task at first, after much endeavor, I become better raiser and get some fund. Everyone in this volunteer group dedicate their much time in this huge project, the only aim to that is to help and teach people in Indonesia as much as we can!!! Nice to meet you, our Indonesia friends.

Personal information of our group member (Ez)

*Chinese name:廖鎔熠(Jung-yi, Liao)

*English nameEZ

*Interesttraveling, singing, music

*Charecteristicextroverted (but sometimes introverted), friendly, optimistic

Hello, my name is Jung-Yi, Liao. You can call me “EZ”. I am a M.S. student, 2nd year of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). I love traveling, singing, movies and music. I also love to interact with people from different places and backgrounds so that I can cultivate my interest in various aspects. When I was a junior in NTHU, I participated in a voluntary program that involved the affairs of Taiwanese aboriginal tribes in Tsingchu county. I was so excited and learned a lot from that program. Now as an intern of Office of International Affairs, NTHU, I help deal with the affairs of international students and make some webpage. Also as a member in E-mate program, I think it's my utmost pleasure to make friends with all of you I met or will meet in (Taiwan) and out (Indonesia), and I expect the days to come as well.


Personal information of group member (Allen)

Hello, everyone! My name is 林立, you can call me in English name, Allen. It's good to work with you guys and do this meaningful program. Before meet you in Indonesia, I would like to introduce myself. I hope we can get familiar with each other soon.

I study Math in Tsing Hua (like most of you :>). I am fifth year in colloge now. Ok, just end these ordinary introducing and have something remarkable.

My name, Allen, is origninated from a NBA(American Basketball League) star player, Allen Iverson, who was my favorite star when I was high school. But because of I can't slam dunk, I quit bascketball and turned into a soccer player.

I heard soccer is one of the popular sports there. I am glad to have the same interest with you:>.

In collge, I just noticed that how greatly the Internet and computer have changed the whole world. I plan to study computer science for master degree. I konw you are good at free software, I can't wait to work with you and see how information technology cast its power on education. I hope we together can build a model that is useful to teachers and students there.

We work hard here in Taiwan. I hope we can meet you soon and work on this meaningful, great and fantastic program:-).

best wishes,