Some further info on "staff training workshop" and "ESP"

Dear Pak Halim and Jondy,

Allow me again to reply your letter directly to [nthuid] for public notice.

I'm very sorry that I didn't reply your letter immediately, because in the last two weeks I had to apply for further governmental grants for our project before their deadlines.

I'm also sorry that I didn't make it clear in the final schedule:

1. The "staff training workshop" will be only for the staffs of Bodhicitta Studying Center. It will take place at the Studying Center, but at the same date and time with the "teacher training workshop" for Bodhicitta School. Therefore, the volunteers of our team will be separated into two groups during July 12 to July 14: 8 members responsible for Bodhicitta School workshop and the other 6 members for Bodhicitta Studying Center workshop.

2. ESP stands for "Environmental Services Program", which is an Indonesian national-wide NGO dealing with environmental protection affairs, especially the water resources management. On July 23, we will visit the North Sumatra Regional Office of ESP in Medan, which has the following contact information:

North Sumatra Regional Office
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 6
Medan 20152
Sumatra Utara
Tel. +62-61-453-1007
Website: http://www.esp.or.id/

We had contacted ESP through the help from Bodhicitta Mandala Foundation in May and during recent weeks. We will let you know if ESP confirms our visit request.

Thank you very much for your help! ^___^

Universitas Komunitas Bamboo di Xinzhu Taiwan

The July schedule for our project (updated)

Dear Jondy and all friends,

Nice to hear from you again! :p

Allow me to reply this message directly to [nthuid] because I think a lot of friends have the same question as yours.

We're very sorry for giving you the non-updated version of our proposal during the survey trip. Just after we printed out all the Indonesian proposals a few days before the survey trip departure, our travel agent told us we could not book the flights as we originally planned and all the July schedule should be rearranged. That's why the proposal we've given to you is "non-updated".

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the final rearrangement for our schedule:

2007/07/10: Arrive at Medan.
2007/07/11: Preparation for Medan workshops.
2007/07/12-14: Two workshops at the same time but in different places. One is the "teacher training workshop" at Bodhicitta School, the other is "staff training workshop" at the Bodhicitta Studying Center near Bodhicitta School. The last one was decided during the last few days of the survey trip.
2007/07/15: Fly to Banda Aceh.
2007/07/16: Study visits to UNICEF and PMI (Red Cross) at Banda Aceh.
2007/07/17-19: The "high school teacher training workshop" at Banda Aceh
2007/07/20: Study visits to Syiah Kuala University, IAIN Ar-Raniry and Mesjid Baiturrahman
2007/07/21: A study visit to tsunami recovery area. Fly to Medan.
2007/07/22: Study visits to Medan cultural places. They are Istana Maimun, Mesjid Raya, Vihara Setia Budi and Kuil Shri Mariamman.
2007/07/23: Study visits to ESP, USU Library and Medan Public Library.
2007/07/24: Back to Taiwan

Thank you Jondy and everybody for your help! ^____^

Bamboo Community University, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Contact letters to Indonesia

Dear Agnes, Jackie, Sheila and my other Friends who are writing the
wonderful letters to Indonesia,

I would like to help with the letters you're writing and have some
suggestions to help focus on the purpose of the letter. Please
remember that I don't know the people you're writing to or the
arrangements that may have already been made. So some of my
suggestions may not be useful. If you'd like me to help with a little
grammar check just send the letter back with the new information and
I'll be happy to check it.

Best of luck with all your requests, the meetings sound very
stimulating and educational.


1) Why do you want to visit the location?
2) What are the benefits of the visit?
-- a) to the volunteers?
-- b) to the group who will be giving their time?
3) What is the accepted form of greeting in Indonesia? (i.e. Dear
Mr./Ms/Dr. or Dear FirstName LastName or Dear FirstNameOnly or
something else?)
4) Did Wei-Ping Jia and Jia-Wen Chen (Jackie and Apple) visit or speak
to each of these organizations you're writing to?
-- a) If yes, did they ask about the volunteers visiting in July?
-- b) If yes, what response did they receive? In other words, has
anything been pre-arranged?
-- c) Also, if they did visit, what name did they use?
-- d) Is there a way you can refer to both of them together, such
as, "our Directors."?
5) Is there only one possible time you have available to meet? Since
you will be asking busy people to do you a favor, I'd suggest to give
them as many options as possible on the time. Perhaps give them a
range of time or a couple of days as an option.
6) I believe the first letter my be too soon to give them a full
schedule. If they see a schedule that is very exact and they can not
meet part of it, they may just say no, rather than suggest an


Here are our LOGO & Group T-Shirt!! ^^!

Dear all:

Our LOGO & Group T-Shirt have produced !! (Please see the
attached file )

"e-mate" means that we are friends in e-learning, and bring some
"e"-experience for our friends in Indonesia.

"m" represents "Medan", "a " represents "Aceh"
& "T" of course, means "Taiwan".

Hope everyone will like these ...^^
and we could make good friends in this summer.

Best regards,


Google Maps Test

A Google Maps test. Yes! We can insert a map into our e-Mate blog!


Please take a look at the "e-Mate Blog" :p

Dear friends,

Meanwhile, I'm setting up a blog for "The NTHU and CU Indonesia
Volunteer Project" and inviting some of the project members to be
authors of the blog. Please don't reject my invitation if you've
received my message from the blog. ^__^

Oh ya. I would like to tell you one good news. Kerwin (from NTHU,
Taiwan) is designing the logo for our project. And the new attractive
name for our project is: "e-Mate: Community IT Volunteers from
Indonesia and Taiwan," which was discussed and decided at the
May 29 NTHU and CU meeting. We hope you like our new project
name. And if you have any further suggestion about the new name,
please don't be hesitate to comment here.

Please visit:

e-Mate Blog

Please tell me if you want to be one of the authors of the blog.

Thanks Kerwin and thank you all!

Apple. Saya Jus Apel.
Universitas Kommunitas Bamboo, Xinzhu, Taiwan


Flickr Photo Albums of e-Mate Project Members

Medan Public Library, Indonesia

This is a list for some of our project members' Flickr photo albums:

Ima Dwitawati (Banda Aceh)

Risma Rita (Banda Aceh)

Sugianto (Banda Aceh, Taiwan)

Peggie Scott (USA, Taiwan)

Yu-Hsin Liu (Taiwan)

Jia-Wen Chen (Taiwan)

Enjoy and have fun! ^__^

Bamboo Community University, Xinzhu, Taiwan

The NTHU and CU Indonesia Volunteer Project 2007

Dear friends from Indonesia and Taiwan,

Thank you for participating in "The NTHU and CU Indonesia Volunteer Project" this year.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit our project website:

Proyek Sukarelawan NTHU dan CU di Indonesia

If you want to know how to take part in the [nthuid] group discussion, please visit:

Nthuid07:Discussion forum

If you want to know who the other project members are, please visit:

Nthuid07:Team and oganizing

Thank you for joining this joint volunteer project between Indonesia and Taiwan - there is no distance between us on internet!

Bamboo Community University, Xinzhu, Taiwan.