Contact letters to Indonesia

Dear Agnes, Jackie, Sheila and my other Friends who are writing the
wonderful letters to Indonesia,

I would like to help with the letters you're writing and have some
suggestions to help focus on the purpose of the letter. Please
remember that I don't know the people you're writing to or the
arrangements that may have already been made. So some of my
suggestions may not be useful. If you'd like me to help with a little
grammar check just send the letter back with the new information and
I'll be happy to check it.

Best of luck with all your requests, the meetings sound very
stimulating and educational.


1) Why do you want to visit the location?
2) What are the benefits of the visit?
-- a) to the volunteers?
-- b) to the group who will be giving their time?
3) What is the accepted form of greeting in Indonesia? (i.e. Dear
Mr./Ms/Dr. or Dear FirstName LastName or Dear FirstNameOnly or
something else?)
4) Did Wei-Ping Jia and Jia-Wen Chen (Jackie and Apple) visit or speak
to each of these organizations you're writing to?
-- a) If yes, did they ask about the volunteers visiting in July?
-- b) If yes, what response did they receive? In other words, has
anything been pre-arranged?
-- c) Also, if they did visit, what name did they use?
-- d) Is there a way you can refer to both of them together, such
as, "our Directors."?
5) Is there only one possible time you have available to meet? Since
you will be asking busy people to do you a favor, I'd suggest to give
them as many options as possible on the time. Perhaps give them a
range of time or a couple of days as an option.
6) I believe the first letter my be too soon to give them a full
schedule. If they see a schedule that is very exact and they can not
meet part of it, they may just say no, rather than suggest an

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