Some further info on "staff training workshop" and "ESP"

Dear Pak Halim and Jondy,

Allow me again to reply your letter directly to [nthuid] for public notice.

I'm very sorry that I didn't reply your letter immediately, because in the last two weeks I had to apply for further governmental grants for our project before their deadlines.

I'm also sorry that I didn't make it clear in the final schedule:

1. The "staff training workshop" will be only for the staffs of Bodhicitta Studying Center. It will take place at the Studying Center, but at the same date and time with the "teacher training workshop" for Bodhicitta School. Therefore, the volunteers of our team will be separated into two groups during July 12 to July 14: 8 members responsible for Bodhicitta School workshop and the other 6 members for Bodhicitta Studying Center workshop.

2. ESP stands for "Environmental Services Program", which is an Indonesian national-wide NGO dealing with environmental protection affairs, especially the water resources management. On July 23, we will visit the North Sumatra Regional Office of ESP in Medan, which has the following contact information:

North Sumatra Regional Office
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 6
Medan 20152
Sumatra Utara
Tel. +62-61-453-1007
Website: http://www.esp.or.id/

We had contacted ESP through the help from Bodhicitta Mandala Foundation in May and during recent weeks. We will let you know if ESP confirms our visit request.

Thank you very much for your help! ^___^

Universitas Komunitas Bamboo di Xinzhu Taiwan

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