A New Cognition of Free Software

YvonneYingrong and I had a meeting with Apple tonight .We talked a lot and exchanged our opinion in many issues, something like environmental protection, influence of electromagnetic wave to human healthy,the different viewpoint to religions.Of course, we still focus on our planning so I had this chance to ask Apple some questions about free software.

"Why we promote Ubuntu to Indonesians? Linux is not the most convenient system for most of people.Not everyone have the ability to write programs by themselves "

Apple told me a lot ideas in details.The reason that persuades me most is

"We should not teach our children any private software in their early stages of learning. That make them rely on it. A teacher has a responsibility to teach the next generation the existence of free software"

I think I was one of "child victims" that Apple mentioned.

After joined this E-mate groups , I have absorbed a lot of new ideas about free software.Even I would not go to Ache to accomplish this planning in person. I still acquird wealth of knowledge from it.


The professional speaker, Chung kuo hui, gave our an address about " The management of water resource and the subject of public health in Indonesia" today. He taught us a construct of a cycle of water resource, and an essential component of protecting against water shortage. Besides, he also provide us a profound idea-" We need to realize the reality concealed behind the surface of all activities. Otherwise, all our efforts may be utilized to profit people who have a bad intention rather than the people who extremely need to be helped." After this lecture, we discussed the detail about the canvass for our international volunteer activity in this summer.
今天來演講的講師是莊鐘國輝老師,演講的題目是"印尼水資源管理與公共衛生". 鐘老師在課堂上教導我們關於水資源循環的基本概念,還有要如何避免水資源短缺的問題. 此外,老師也提供我們一個非常值得深思的觀念-我們必須了解所有活動內涵的真實面, 否則我們所做的努力,是很有可能被有心人士利用,而不是真正幫助需要被幫助的人. 在課堂之後,我們印尼團討論了關於勸募活動的詳細細節.










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Mr. Richard Stallman

First of all, this is my initial post here on this blog. This blog is dedicated to our E-mate Project, which will be held this August, 2008. I am really excited about it now! wohoo!

Basically, every details of our preparation for this long awaited journey (challenge!) is posted regularly here on this particular blog.

My main objective now is to talk about Richard Stallman, his work, and goal in life. Who is Richard Stallman anyways?

He is per se, the creator of the super reliable, super user-friendly, but most importantly, free GNU-Linux. He came to our university (Tsing Hua University), and had a wonderful, entertaining, and informative speech about his campaign for free software.

The most profound part of his speech was when he said that softwares are like recipes, they shouldn't be made into profits, but rather should be shared to everyone.

All people have the right to know this wonderful message. I hope that E-mate Project can act as a channel for people to know more about this wonderful news.

The Speech of Richard Stallman

首先我必須承認,因為我英文聽力的關係,整場演講我大概只聽得懂四五成吧(很慚愧),雖然內容沒有很懂,但仍能感受到Richard Stallman的風趣和他的一點小脾氣。聽完演講後,發覺出現做多的單字就是freedom, Richard Stallman一再地強調自由使用軟體或自由修改軟體程式碼,因為無論是誰都不可能寫出一套完整無誤的程式,累積了前人的努力和結合眾人的智慧,讓初學者使用GNU/Linux更容易上手,也由於大家無私的付出,我們可以很方便的分享到許多自由軟體。

接著說到教育的問題了,為什麼我們從小到大接受的電腦課程,全都是在付費的作業系統下操作?我們讓小孩子從小熟悉Microsoft windows的使用,從來不去告知有GNU/Linux的存在,使得學生們都有了使用軟體都是要付費的觀念,直到畢業了或甚至工作了,都還是習慣依附著付費的作業系統,這不是間接地在幫那些想藉此牟利的公司賺錢嗎?我們應該要從基層教育開始,積極推廣自由軟體,讓大家都能受惠於GNU/Linux的發展。

A talk from Richard Stallman

1) Definition of Free Software:

2) 4 essential(Fundamental) Freedom(definition by Richard Stallman)

0) the freedom of run the software

Everyone got this freedom (no matter the software is free or not)

1) the freedom of study the source code

The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs

Here got an example: there were a few software engineers at India have been caught because of work simultaneously with Microsoft and Alkaeda, that they try to open a aback door for Alkaeda in every users of windows.

How can they do it? Because no one can get the source code except the developer, they can put in any back door they like.

With the open source code of, we can change the software as we want, we can study the way of computing.

2) The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor

If we can’t share some attractive or good software with our friends, family, it is against the ethics, but if we want to share some good proprietary with some friends we against the law.

3) The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits

>It is impossible that a person make all the software he/she needs, besides it is also nearly impossible that one person can make a program without any bugs. > important to work together (co-operate)

The co-operate of hacker that fascinating in programming can let them interchange their knowledge, besides, they can also the freedom of using a good program, to the person who doesn’t familiar with programming.

Everyone can share this result of community.

3) GNU = (Gnu Not Unix)

4) The history of free software:

1983: Richard try to do something to let the people feels the benefits of freedom.

Start the “GNU” project.

1990: almost finished, but only less the “kernel” of the GNU OS.

1991: Linus wrote a kernel called “Linux” for the gun, but it is not a free software,(with 2 restriction ) because of Linus is not completely agree the thought of “Freedom”

1992: finally opened the source of Linux > GNU become complete

the OS should called “GNU/Linux”

5)Argument between Free Software and Open Source.

{Open Source 只是一種方法,一種軟體開發的方法。而 Free Software 是自由的追求,是個社會運動」~~ Jserv's blog

Stallmen 所強調的,是人類追求自由的權利,有很多管道去實現,然而 Open Source 追求的只是ㄧ種形式上的東西.

Richard ,Open Source 不重視自由的理念,只是強調實用性(Practical), 可靠(Reliable), 穩定(Stable).造成各派別競爭,GNU+LINUX 的各種DISTRIBUTION也以使用者多寡作為競爭的標準.為了強調實用性,甚至還加入其他有版權(proprietary)的軟體.他認為這是危險的.} ç請翻譯去英文,懶惰~~~

6) Why school must teach free software?

1) Saving budget

2) Student can learn the software behavior and the way of programming simultaneously

i. When a student learns how to use a software, he/she need to be able to learn the way of forming this software if he/she want. But if we use proprietary software that we can’t see the source code, the student is unable to learn the method. Richard say it is important to let them know the way of programming, and also “try to do it with other method”.

But nowadays teachers even don’t know the architecture of the program. How can they discuss it at classroom?

ii. The moral education:

1. to bring up the sense of co-operate of student.

2. to bring up the habit of helping your neighbor

7) Richard Recommended website

1) www.gnu.org

2) www.fsf.org

3) www.badvista.org

8) my reference website






但只想說,或許不太贊同他的一小部分觀點,,卻十分佩服Richard 的毅力,最佩服的是: we all need to start working when the success is far away…在還沒預見成功時,就應該投入努力.



My Personal Thinking About Richard Stallman's Lecture.

Richard Stallman

I had never thought that I would come to this kind of conference. Because most of time I think IT freedom is too far away from me; however, I was wrong about it. I was not aware that I use computer every day and rely on it. I always satisfy about the service that Microsoft gave us. But as I joined the e-mate program, I start to know more about the situation right now and what may happen to us in the future.

Richard Stallman is the first person to build up the concept about free software, we were glad to have the opportunity to listen his lecture. I really have to be honest that I admire his thought meanwhile he is really a stern person. Right now, I appreciate his thinking toward software for the people who need the software usage without owing too much money. You could download and see its code free. Free software does a good way to let more people developing and inspiring different thinking. We would have more opportunities to contact with more various functions even contribute to them.


The Thinking about the Richard Stallman speech

It is my pleasure that I have the chance to attend Mr. Richard Stallman speech talking about the free software.
Basically, the essential spirit of free software is the freedom -- People have the free rights to use, share, improve or to study the software that is different from the proprietary software.
Mr. Stallman explained the real meanings about the free software and talk about the free software effects toward the people.
Above all, I am interested the influence of free software toward the education.
Nowaday, a large proportion of students only accept the proprietary software learning course in Taiwan whether the ones in primary or secondary schools and even the university.
I approve the proprietary software programs also have several merits in the performance.
But I still want the students to try to use the free software and to understand the freedom meanings of the free software.
Don't just be the servants under the proprietary software company.
The software property doesn't just belong to the private company, it is suppose to belong to public.
Therefore, I hope that people can agree to share the programs or the developing results themselves with each other.
Let the users can free to share and improve the software property and enjoy the benefits of the software.

Joe Yeh


This week the lecturer, Professor Pei, give us an overall introduction of orangutans. In this course we learn the characteristic and many stories of orangutans. "Everyone who have kept an orangutan can tell you a long story about it," said the Professor Pei. And those stories are so moving even to the people like us who have never kept an orangutan.








Today's speaker is the Apple and the topic is the introduction of the plan. He told us what we are going to do and what we should to notice in Aceh during the 15 days trip. In addtion,he also described the status of free software, the reasons for the use of free software and explained each software we are going to learn in the following the days.







李汶超 陳奕帆 張詩鸚 葉宗泰 林心家 盧昱竹 黃貞元 陳映蓉 施純洋

1. E-Mate08:亞齊八月工作坊課程大綱規劃
2. 維基百科 - OpenOffice.org
3. 維基百科 - GThumb
4. 維基百科 - Xbuntu
5. 教育部校園自由軟體諮詢中心 - Scribus



After two training courses in Gimp, it's time to show our efforts. Each member should design a poster for our workshops in August and a greeting card for the friends in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. In the beginning, we represented the homework and then explained how we made it. Finally, Ima, Risma, and Eric who is an expert in Gimp gave us many useful suggestions.




昱竹則是以Bungong Jeumpa當作背景花樣,重複複製的結果看起來很像真的有一堆Bungong Jeumpa,色彩很鮮豔。


李汶超 陳奕帆 張詩鸚 葉宗泰 林心家 盧昱竹 黃貞元 陳映蓉 施純洋


From this week, we suspended the Indonesian course and started to learn about basic environmental issue of Indonesia. In the first class, Professor Chang was invited to give us an introduction of rainforests. He also shared his experience in rescuing rainforests in Indonesia, which really inspired our enthusiasm to be volunteers of G-Mate.