My Personal Thinking About Richard Stallman's Lecture.

Richard Stallman

I had never thought that I would come to this kind of conference. Because most of time I think IT freedom is too far away from me; however, I was wrong about it. I was not aware that I use computer every day and rely on it. I always satisfy about the service that Microsoft gave us. But as I joined the e-mate program, I start to know more about the situation right now and what may happen to us in the future.

Richard Stallman is the first person to build up the concept about free software, we were glad to have the opportunity to listen his lecture. I really have to be honest that I admire his thought meanwhile he is really a stern person. Right now, I appreciate his thinking toward software for the people who need the software usage without owing too much money. You could download and see its code free. Free software does a good way to let more people developing and inspiring different thinking. We would have more opportunities to contact with more various functions even contribute to them.

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