The Thinking about the Richard Stallman speech

It is my pleasure that I have the chance to attend Mr. Richard Stallman speech talking about the free software.
Basically, the essential spirit of free software is the freedom -- People have the free rights to use, share, improve or to study the software that is different from the proprietary software.
Mr. Stallman explained the real meanings about the free software and talk about the free software effects toward the people.
Above all, I am interested the influence of free software toward the education.
Nowaday, a large proportion of students only accept the proprietary software learning course in Taiwan whether the ones in primary or secondary schools and even the university.
I approve the proprietary software programs also have several merits in the performance.
But I still want the students to try to use the free software and to understand the freedom meanings of the free software.
Don't just be the servants under the proprietary software company.
The software property doesn't just belong to the private company, it is suppose to belong to public.
Therefore, I hope that people can agree to share the programs or the developing results themselves with each other.
Let the users can free to share and improve the software property and enjoy the benefits of the software.

Joe Yeh

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