Mr. Richard Stallman

First of all, this is my initial post here on this blog. This blog is dedicated to our E-mate Project, which will be held this August, 2008. I am really excited about it now! wohoo!

Basically, every details of our preparation for this long awaited journey (challenge!) is posted regularly here on this particular blog.

My main objective now is to talk about Richard Stallman, his work, and goal in life. Who is Richard Stallman anyways?

He is per se, the creator of the super reliable, super user-friendly, but most importantly, free GNU-Linux. He came to our university (Tsing Hua University), and had a wonderful, entertaining, and informative speech about his campaign for free software.

The most profound part of his speech was when he said that softwares are like recipes, they shouldn't be made into profits, but rather should be shared to everyone.

All people have the right to know this wonderful message. I hope that E-mate Project can act as a channel for people to know more about this wonderful news.

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