A New Cognition of Free Software

YvonneYingrong and I had a meeting with Apple tonight .We talked a lot and exchanged our opinion in many issues, something like environmental protection, influence of electromagnetic wave to human healthy,the different viewpoint to religions.Of course, we still focus on our planning so I had this chance to ask Apple some questions about free software.

"Why we promote Ubuntu to Indonesians? Linux is not the most convenient system for most of people.Not everyone have the ability to write programs by themselves "

Apple told me a lot ideas in details.The reason that persuades me most is

"We should not teach our children any private software in their early stages of learning. That make them rely on it. A teacher has a responsibility to teach the next generation the existence of free software"

I think I was one of "child victims" that Apple mentioned.

After joined this E-mate groups , I have absorbed a lot of new ideas about free software.Even I would not go to Ache to accomplish this planning in person. I still acquird wealth of knowledge from it.

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