A talk from Richard Stallman

1) Definition of Free Software:

2) 4 essential(Fundamental) Freedom(definition by Richard Stallman)

0) the freedom of run the software

Everyone got this freedom (no matter the software is free or not)

1) the freedom of study the source code

The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs

Here got an example: there were a few software engineers at India have been caught because of work simultaneously with Microsoft and Alkaeda, that they try to open a aback door for Alkaeda in every users of windows.

How can they do it? Because no one can get the source code except the developer, they can put in any back door they like.

With the open source code of, we can change the software as we want, we can study the way of computing.

2) The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor

If we can’t share some attractive or good software with our friends, family, it is against the ethics, but if we want to share some good proprietary with some friends we against the law.

3) The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits

>It is impossible that a person make all the software he/she needs, besides it is also nearly impossible that one person can make a program without any bugs. > important to work together (co-operate)

The co-operate of hacker that fascinating in programming can let them interchange their knowledge, besides, they can also the freedom of using a good program, to the person who doesn’t familiar with programming.

Everyone can share this result of community.

3) GNU = (Gnu Not Unix)

4) The history of free software:

1983: Richard try to do something to let the people feels the benefits of freedom.

Start the “GNU” project.

1990: almost finished, but only less the “kernel” of the GNU OS.

1991: Linus wrote a kernel called “Linux” for the gun, but it is not a free software,(with 2 restriction ) because of Linus is not completely agree the thought of “Freedom”

1992: finally opened the source of Linux > GNU become complete

the OS should called “GNU/Linux”

5)Argument between Free Software and Open Source.

{Open Source 只是一種方法,一種軟體開發的方法。而 Free Software 是自由的追求,是個社會運動」~~ Jserv's blog

Stallmen 所強調的,是人類追求自由的權利,有很多管道去實現,然而 Open Source 追求的只是ㄧ種形式上的東西.

Richard ,Open Source 不重視自由的理念,只是強調實用性(Practical), 可靠(Reliable), 穩定(Stable).造成各派別競爭,GNU+LINUX 的各種DISTRIBUTION也以使用者多寡作為競爭的標準.為了強調實用性,甚至還加入其他有版權(proprietary)的軟體.他認為這是危險的.} ç請翻譯去英文,懶惰~~~

6) Why school must teach free software?

1) Saving budget

2) Student can learn the software behavior and the way of programming simultaneously

i. When a student learns how to use a software, he/she need to be able to learn the way of forming this software if he/she want. But if we use proprietary software that we can’t see the source code, the student is unable to learn the method. Richard say it is important to let them know the way of programming, and also “try to do it with other method”.

But nowadays teachers even don’t know the architecture of the program. How can they discuss it at classroom?

ii. The moral education:

1. to bring up the sense of co-operate of student.

2. to bring up the habit of helping your neighbor

7) Richard Recommended website

1) www.gnu.org

2) www.fsf.org

3) www.badvista.org

8) my reference website






但只想說,或許不太贊同他的一小部分觀點,,卻十分佩服Richard 的毅力,最佩服的是: we all need to start working when the success is far away…在還沒預見成功時,就應該投入努力.


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