The July schedule for our project (updated)

Dear Jondy and all friends,

Nice to hear from you again! :p

Allow me to reply this message directly to [nthuid] because I think a lot of friends have the same question as yours.

We're very sorry for giving you the non-updated version of our proposal during the survey trip. Just after we printed out all the Indonesian proposals a few days before the survey trip departure, our travel agent told us we could not book the flights as we originally planned and all the July schedule should be rearranged. That's why the proposal we've given to you is "non-updated".

We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is the final rearrangement for our schedule:

2007/07/10: Arrive at Medan.
2007/07/11: Preparation for Medan workshops.
2007/07/12-14: Two workshops at the same time but in different places. One is the "teacher training workshop" at Bodhicitta School, the other is "staff training workshop" at the Bodhicitta Studying Center near Bodhicitta School. The last one was decided during the last few days of the survey trip.
2007/07/15: Fly to Banda Aceh.
2007/07/16: Study visits to UNICEF and PMI (Red Cross) at Banda Aceh.
2007/07/17-19: The "high school teacher training workshop" at Banda Aceh
2007/07/20: Study visits to Syiah Kuala University, IAIN Ar-Raniry and Mesjid Baiturrahman
2007/07/21: A study visit to tsunami recovery area. Fly to Medan.
2007/07/22: Study visits to Medan cultural places. They are Istana Maimun, Mesjid Raya, Vihara Setia Budi and Kuil Shri Mariamman.
2007/07/23: Study visits to ESP, USU Library and Medan Public Library.
2007/07/24: Back to Taiwan

Thank you Jondy and everybody for your help! ^____^

Bamboo Community University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

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