Please take a look at the "e-Mate Blog" :p

Dear friends,

Meanwhile, I'm setting up a blog for "The NTHU and CU Indonesia
Volunteer Project" and inviting some of the project members to be
authors of the blog. Please don't reject my invitation if you've
received my message from the blog. ^__^

Oh ya. I would like to tell you one good news. Kerwin (from NTHU,
Taiwan) is designing the logo for our project. And the new attractive
name for our project is: "e-Mate: Community IT Volunteers from
Indonesia and Taiwan," which was discussed and decided at the
May 29 NTHU and CU meeting. We hope you like our new project
name. And if you have any further suggestion about the new name,
please don't be hesitate to comment here.

Please visit:

e-Mate Blog

Please tell me if you want to be one of the authors of the blog.

Thanks Kerwin and thank you all!

Apple. Saya Jus Apel.
Universitas Kommunitas Bamboo, Xinzhu, Taiwan

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