Be Students, Be Teachers

Being a student for so long a time, have you ever thought how hard it can be to be a teacher? Today, our volunteer fellows invite Ms. Peggie Scott to teach those "student teachers" how to teach more authoratively and confidently. Through many intersting examples and presentation, we deeply realize that those properties, like patience, big smiles, and a good personality, are key points to get students' actively willing to learn. Besides, she also taught us about classroom arrangement, including turning off your students' screen when asking questions to get control.

Our fellows also try to teach for the first time. We observe each other, making suggestion and inforcing feedback to improve our teaching quality.

In the end of today's teaching class, we have Juno and Hendri teach us some greeting words in Indonesian. So interesting and so challenging! NAMA SAYA CLAUDIA, APA KABAR!

Kami akan segera mengunjungi anda!
Kami sangat mengharapkan bisa bertemu dengan anda!

E-Mate Project

Tsing-hua University

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