Saturday,14 July 2007

Today is the last day of the Workshop for Medan. We could see that most of the participants were just getting excited and started getting good at what they doing! They were very excellent teachers!! I’m quite sure about it because they did the presentation very excellent too ( although I didn’t see all of the presentation, I just saw some of it because I was busy taking care for the certificate).
In the closing ceremony, the participants received their certificates, the tutors from Taiwan received nice wood photo albums, flattering applauses and praises from the participants…it was really too much to receive I think… Then the workshop ended with taking photgraphs together, the participants and the tutors altogether. The members of each groups were also taking pictures together and say farewell. Maybe some of us didn’t want to end the workshop, but it still has to end, otherwise……never mind :p
But….it wasn’t really ended actually, especially for us, the E-Mate team. We still had something important to do and It was the best part for me, actually :p It was the celebration! ( well, I just exaggerating tough) we went to the SUN PLAZA and had our dinner there and our Prof. Shen treated us for the dinner. It was a glamour dinner for us and the food was very very delicious!!. And we also had a special and handsome guess, the name is Leo. He is a volunteer too who helped the Bodhicitta School. So, the conclusion is it was a great day with great dinner, great people and we did a great job!
Oh, one more thing, it was about Jacky, he was sick today, he got cold and he had to see the doctor in the morning and had to take some rest for the rest of the day. Poor Jacky…@@ But, he did join the dinner with us..We miss you honey….


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