7/18 Workshop in Aceh- Day 2

The second day of teaching in Aceh is also good.

Group Flickr goes out to take pictures, very excited in that they have never used digital camera. They love to take pictures with children.

GIMP creative hteir own color, insects on the building, deleting frackles makes them very surprising, and also strangthen their motivation of learning.

Google Earth put markers to represent their homes, offices, or other favorite places. They can also click certain markers and then they can "fly" to the place, which makes them quite happy.

Sketch up Students are different from those in Medan. The process is slow, but the interaction between students are better. They teach each other, even better than we teach them. Each work gets style, and also show strong personal color. They way they draw, the way they make mistakes, the way they solve problems are all like what they are.

People in Aceh are really friendly. When the internet runs into problems, it's the time for language teaching!! They teach us Acehness and Indonesian, and we teach them Chinese. Before I know the meaning of "Lon galak gata", I repeat that dozens times and people are all looking at me. Not untill everybody is laughing did I know that means "I love you."= =+

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