14th of July: the closing of the workshop

Today is the closing of the three-day workshop in Bodhicitta School and Bodhicitta Mandala Foundation of Medan. All the four groups impressed everyone with their marvelous achievements.

The presentation started out with the group "GIMP." Presented to us is the puzzle, name card, and comic they accomplished. Then the group "SketchUp" showed us their group masterpiece of the works they've done during the workshop and also a community of their dream house. Not to mention, the Bodhicitta School drawn by Effendi. Later, the group "Flickr" showed us the photo album of Bodhicitta School and some useful teaching materials, such as crossword and hangman. Finally, the group "Google Earth" flew us to mecca and kuala lumpur for a visual sight seeing.

During this three-day workshop, we introduced ourselves, got closer with each other, and together finished the final presentation.

by Agnes

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