7/12 It's the day!!

It's the day!! Today we are going to formally enforce our teaching. Early at 6.20 in the morning, we go to get everything wll-prepared. For the sake of that part of Medan people speak Chinese and English, some Chinese and Indonesian, still others only Indonesian. The opening and the teaching is mixed with Indonesian, Chinese, and English, sometimes we even heard of people skeaking Southern Min! It is quite interesting, although much of the content they are expressing is disunderstood.
The teaching is quite smooth, and the levels of our students are quite high. We even worried that our material may nor satisfy our curious students.
Sketch up group suddenly became the stars in our course for that the 3D buildings are so amazing. Google earth and Filkr group both fascinate students with interesting edit for albums and designs. However, gimp, which is the hardest and the most challenging one, seems to have some tiny problems about students processing on it.
So far so good in teaching all of these, hope that it is really helpful to their teaching.

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