7/20 Syiah Kuala, IAIN, and Mesjid Raya

Early in this morning, we visit Syiah Kuala University.

The president of Syiah Kuala is very friendly. He invited our leader for a talk before we meet in the campus, and they also talked about the signing of a MOU between Syiah Kuala and Tsing-Hua University. However, unfortunately, due to the time limit and lack of consideration, this chance of cooperation is not able to be practiced.

The environment of Syiah Kuala was quite tranquil; maye that's because the new semester didn't start yet. Not very formal, we just took a simple look around the campus.After that, we also had a conference, discussing our emate project and showing them our achievement so far. Students of Syiah Kuala quite appreciated our plans, and they also provided us some useful information. This is really good interaction on the use of Open Source and Free Software.

Later in the afternoon, we went to IAIN, meeting the president and other important faculties. The goal of our visit is to realize Islim culture. In the conference, the preisident first introduce the simple history of IAIN's establishment and share the story of Cheng-he with us. We talked a lot about this issue because the story of Cheng-he is also part of Chinese history.

After that, the professor also led us to Mesjid Raya to meet IMAM. He told us the history of Mesjid Raya in Aceh, including its establishment, its destruction by Holand people, how Acehness is mad about the destroy of Mesjid Raya, and how Holand people realise the value of Mesjid Raya to Acehness.

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