7/11 Meeting with TAs

A good morning, we have the special breakfast - Long tong, which is so interesting to have much vegetables and spicy, refreshing all of us.
After breakfast, we go to check all the facilities and the place we are going to teach in. Much to our surprise, the facilities here are quite good!! LCD monitors, bradnd-new computers, and wireless internet. All of these are owing to the project of Taipei city government on Tsunami.
In Buddhicitta school, we meet all the TAs of us.In the meeting, we report the key points of this workshop, and both of us share the teaching skills with each other. At the first beginning, we are too unfamiliar to say much; after the noon, talking about the food in Medan, all these girls are like good friends!

The means here are almost spicy, which is my favorite. Sugianto, our interpretor, even demostrate the most local way to eat, with only right hand rather than with chopsticks or spoons.

That evening, black-out occurs again. Getting around an immergency light, we still have to meet for the next day's schedule.

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