7/17 What we have learned from PMI in Aceh

Yesterday afternoon, the Communication and Public Relations officer of PMI , Ardi has taken us to two famous locations after the tsunami- the electricity-generating boat and the saving-life boat in Aceh. The former has been used to power the neighborhood. “PLTD APUNG” is its name. After tsunami it was moved about 1.5~2 km away from the coast. It now already been turn into a memorial of the tsunami. And the latter was pushed over a house now. When the tsunami occurred, it had saved 52 people, so the local government also prepare to buy the boat and the houses which is under the boat for memorial in the future.

As Ardi talks the stories about the two boats, I realized an important thing from his eyes. His eyes told me that he is very proud of his job, especially in saving people who need help in his country. Although the language we use is quite different, I also can still feel his enthusiasm in guiding us. I also hope that one day I can find a job which really is worth for me to devote my whole life in it, and do something meaningful for other people just like Ardi.

I am not a fan of the Spiderman, but I really like the sentence he said in the movie “With great power comes great responsibility.” No matter what kind of treatment you receive from other people, you have to take the responsibility which is belong to you without any excuses.

by Kerwin

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