7/16 Visiting UNICEF & PMI

Today we have visited UNICEF in the morning. To our surprise, Anna, Mika, Mr.Teh, and Dr. Yang all came to welcome us.

In the conference held in UNICEF office, we talk about the major missions UNICEF has and the problems of drinkable water.

In SDN1, in addition to the classrooms from Grade 1-6, we also went to see the water-supplying system. On the one hand, they use the wanter underground, which is stored in the tank; on the other hand, they collect rain water. When it comes to rain water, the skill of cleaning it is quite special. They use a special mechanism to lead the rain water to be self-cleaning for a while and then store in the tank, too. The toilets in this school is still not good enough in that many facilities are broken. Mr. Teh says that the take care of hygiene is usually the part that is most basic but most easy to be forgotten.

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