Last Journey in Banda Aceh

July 20, 2007
Started at 07:15am after we’ve finished our breakfast in Peunayong market. We headed to Syiah Kuala University by lorry (labi-labi in Indonesian). Our destination went to Syiah Kuala University is hope in a few years ahead we can make cooperation in education with Fakultas MIPA (Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty) UNSYIAH. In here I feel so glad coz I have came back and I hope what that I’ve learned in Taiwan I can share with friends in ACEH.

01:45pm after Islamic Friday Pray we continue our travelling to IAIN, our destination in here is making a good relationship also wanna know about Islam culture. In our meeting also came the young UNICEF members from Hongkong. I think it’s fun. At that time there’re 3 different country, also culture. I feel glad too, becoz even though we’re different religion, culture but they’re so friendly to us, we really friends I so appreciated of that.

04:30pm We continue our journey to Great Mosque Baitulrahman. In this part, there’re something fun, every girl from our members who wanna come in to the Great Mosque must wear Jilbab. It’s the first time they’ve wear Jilbab. Our destination in here is wanna know more about Islamic Culture. We’ve met IMAM in there, and the IMAM have told many things to us about the Great Mosque history. The Great Mosque start built in 1612 by Sultan Iskandar Muda. From now I think I wanna know more about my hometown history.

07:30pm we have dinner with traditional Acehnese food. Almost one years I don’t eat the food. I really enjoyed it !!!!

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