7/22 Get back to Medan

Istana Maimun, Mesjid Raya, Vihara Setia Budi, Kuil Shri Mariamman are the goals for out visit today.

It's raining, but we still leave for Istana Maimun in the morning. Istana Maimun is the palace in which the King and Queen live, and they even still live there now, only that the par for visit is not the part they live. It's interesting that Istana Maimun was bigger than it is; with the development of the city, the size of the big garden of the palace is getting smaller and smaller.

Mesjid Raya in Medan is surprisingly much smaller than the Mesjid Raya in Aceh. And in Aceh Mesjid Raya, we are required to dress jilbab and can not show any par of our skin except for face and hands, while in Medan Mesjid Raya, we don't have to dress so formally. There are few people in Medan Mesjid Raya but many people in Aceh Mesjid Raya.

Vihara Setia Budi is also part of Chinese culture. People in Taiwan definitely know who Vihara Setia Budi is. Getting into the Vihara Setia Budi temple makes me feel like home. We can read-- for thare are mant chinese characters in this temple. I also pray for a while, wishing that our group members will be fine, not sick anymore, and my family in Taiwan are also fine.

Kuil Shri Mariamman is a temple with various colors. The main god in this temple is a marvelous shooter. It is said that this temple is originally established in 1886 B.C. When we heard "B.C.", everybody is surprising, because it looks new. Then the host in this temple tells us that this temple was rebuilt 20 years ago.

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