15th of July: The flight from Medan to Banda Aceh

After the two workshops in Medan, today we set off to Banda Aceh at 11:55am on flight GA184. The flight was pretty bumpy but since we are all so tired off, we slept for the whole one hour flight. Finally, with excitement and energy, we arrived Banda Aceh.

Banda Aceh is a city very different from Medan. The beautiful mountain opened arms to us as soon as we step out the airplane. The weather is brilliant with the sun shining and a few clouds floating on the sky. Although there is plenty of dissimilarities between Medan and Banda Aceh but I like them both. It was not until the cows and goats and sheep I saw did I fall in love with another city in Indonesia but the people, the atmosphere and the surroundings.

As soon as we walked pass the Customs, Pak Liong, Pak Ardi, Ibu Lily, and Ibu Dewina welcomed us with their friendly smile. Then, we set off to see one of the reconstructing schools by PMI which provides education for both junior high and high school students. Since the boy section started six years ago, there are 135 boys but only 25 girls which just began last year. We saw the schools, the dining hall, the clinic sponsored by the government, and the dormitory area. Attached is the photo taken in front of the girls dormitory.

In the end, we closed our day with a restaurant just across the e-learning center with nasi goreng and mie goreng!

by Agnes

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