Response (2007.7.12)

Apipin and Ridwan Parulian Elwi

For us who have prepared the teaching plan for two months, today is really unforgettable. It is the first day of Medan workshop. It is the first day for us to be the teachers as well. With the nervous feeling, we start our courses. Students are very smart and are fast learners. Like Sugimin and Ridwan, they often could finish the assignment very quickly. Psrulian is very serious and work hard. Communicating with Apipin in English, Indonesia, and Taiwanese is also interesting. And I really appreciate Yosua and Elwi’s help. Yosua is honest and kind. Elwi is very beautiful and speaks Chinese very well. I am really thankful for their cooperation. Knowing these friends makes me feel very happy. Hope what we did could really do some benefit for them. Then, it is worthy for us to come all the way from Taiwan.

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