7/17 Workshop in Aceh- Day 1

Today is the first day for our workshop in Aceh. Early in the morning, it's not the time for register, but students have already arrived and waited to come in. The processes are quite smooth, except that the speed of internet is really low. The groups Flickr and Google Earth runs very slow because the internet speed. However, maybe it's because we have already learned more Indonesian words, students are more willing to talk with us in Indonesian.

At the first stage, we have them fill out the register forms, take personal picture for them, teach them to use wiki user page, write self-introduction to show the classmates and send e-mails to [nthuid].

Students here are quite different from those in Medan, who are all very shy. In Aceh, students are all very easygoing and feel free to give presentation. They seems to be
comfortable to work with unfamiliar people. Less than one day, all the students get along like friends!

It's a pleasure that they show much interests in our teaching meterials. They are willing to

read the textbooks by themselves first, trying to do what's going tyo be taught first, and also trying to solve problems by themselves, although they may sometimes make a mess. ^^

A good start is a stepping stone to success!

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