Personal information of group member (Sally)

Hello!! My dear friends in Indonesia. My name is HAUNG YIN-CHIAO. You can call me Sally. It is my English name. I study in third grade of department of Chinese Language. If you are interested in Chinese, we can study it together. Besides, maybe we can have a “language echange activity” to know more of each other’s special, interesting culture. In my free time, I like to watching movies and TV. In addition, I love to swimming and playing ping pong. Also, I have learned practicing yoga for one year. Because I’m busy for my studies and club of department activities, I have left my yoga schedule for a long time. 

If you are interested in above hobbies, please call me!! :) we can do these exercises together.
I really can’t wait to see you guys. I believe that we will have a good and amazing experience visiting Indonesia in our lives. Also, we’ll have a good time to work together. So, please expect our coming! See you “later”~~ we’ll coming soon!!

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