Personal information of our group member (Ez)

*Chinese name:廖鎔熠(Jung-yi, Liao)

*English nameEZ

*Interesttraveling, singing, music

*Charecteristicextroverted (but sometimes introverted), friendly, optimistic

Hello, my name is Jung-Yi, Liao. You can call me “EZ”. I am a M.S. student, 2nd year of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). I love traveling, singing, movies and music. I also love to interact with people from different places and backgrounds so that I can cultivate my interest in various aspects. When I was a junior in NTHU, I participated in a voluntary program that involved the affairs of Taiwanese aboriginal tribes in Tsingchu county. I was so excited and learned a lot from that program. Now as an intern of Office of International Affairs, NTHU, I help deal with the affairs of international students and make some webpage. Also as a member in E-mate program, I think it's my utmost pleasure to make friends with all of you I met or will meet in (Taiwan) and out (Indonesia), and I expect the days to come as well.

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