Personal information of group member (Allen)

Hello, everyone! My name is 林立, you can call me in English name, Allen. It's good to work with you guys and do this meaningful program. Before meet you in Indonesia, I would like to introduce myself. I hope we can get familiar with each other soon.

I study Math in Tsing Hua (like most of you :>). I am fifth year in colloge now. Ok, just end these ordinary introducing and have something remarkable.

My name, Allen, is origninated from a NBA(American Basketball League) star player, Allen Iverson, who was my favorite star when I was high school. But because of I can't slam dunk, I quit bascketball and turned into a soccer player.

I heard soccer is one of the popular sports there. I am glad to have the same interest with you:>.

In collge, I just noticed that how greatly the Internet and computer have changed the whole world. I plan to study computer science for master degree. I konw you are good at free software, I can't wait to work with you and see how information technology cast its power on education. I hope we together can build a model that is useful to teachers and students there.

We work hard here in Taiwan. I hope we can meet you soon and work on this meaningful, great and fantastic program:-).

best wishes,


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