Personal Information of our group leader (LIN,CHING-YEH )

Name :
林靚曄LIN,CHING-YEH (LIN means forest, CHING means beautiful, and YEH means shiny and bright)

English name: Vivian
Nick name: Up to u 
Subjects: To major in Chinese Literature & minor in Economics
Playing badminton, painting illustrations, listening to music, watching movies
Experiences of Volunteer:
A Volunteer of 2004 World Scout Moot, Roots & Shoots Program of the Jane Goodall Institute, the 6th Red Cross Society of youth services team in Hualien, Hualien Environmental Protection Association, and Blue Sky Youth Service Club of National Tsing Hua University

Tasks: Head of 2009 NTHU International Volunteer in Indonesia
Last summer, I went to U.S.A. and worked hard as a kitchen crew in the Yellowstone National Park. This summer, I’m a sophomore, and I want to be a volunteer in Indonesia where is near Taiwan but I have never been there before. The Chinese have a saying, "To travel ten thousand miles can be more insightful than reading ten thousand books."
With the experiences of volunteer before, I found that in each process of the services I would get priceless memories and meaning of life. I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve as a volunteer to Indonesia to help people. It is not the service in the domestic, but to assist the others in the foreign country. If you ask me whether I would be feel tough and be afraid of it. My answer is “yes”. However, I hope that through this volunteering activity, I will experience more of the treasure from services and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

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