Personal information of group member(Selene)

Hello ^^
I’m a senior student of National Tsing Hua University and in the department of Engineering and System Science.
I’m not a person so special or remarkable, before joinning the volunteers, I didn’t think of what I can do for people who is not live around me, what I only know is that I can feel happy when I help people who is in needed.
Since I’m in the last period of my college days, I always thik that I should try something different. Incidentally, I join the volunteers and work with other members in our group. After several times of meetings and activities, I recognized that this volunteer job is really meaningfull, either to me or to the people we will meet in Indonisia.
I think I’m lucky to have the chance to experience helpping people immediately instead of doing something so far away. Although it may be a big challenge for us to adapt to the weather or other conditions in Indonisia, but we will overcome it and do our best in the duration of the volunteer days. I can’t wait to start this adventure, and you??

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