Personal information of group member (Shih)

Chinese name:謝詩 (Shih Hsieh)
English name : Shih
Avocation : play guitar ,basketball, reading
*What I want to say is…………
My name is Shih Hsieh. I'm glad that I get the chance to serve aboard as a volunteer. I am now a graduate student of Institute of Sociology in National Tsing Hua University. I like sport and music, especially good at basketball. I've played basketball as a school basketball team player for more than eight years. Basketball has been my second talent that I am looking for playing basketball with your Indonesian students.
This trip to Medan, Ache, and Sambung aim at creating a high-tech environment for primary and secondary teachers and student there. Our team has prepared for several monthes that we hope to make some contributions. Furthermore, we wish to build consoliate and consitent friendship with Indonesian students for the further coorporation.

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