Oh, beloved Medan! Here we are!

And, after 8 hours of flight transit, we finally arrived in the beloved Medan! But what are the first things we did in Medan? Volunteer services preparation. YC, Johnson, Panz, Michelle and Arhou studying documentary photography at Taiwan Guest House in Medan.

And these are the beloved E-Mate Financial Management Army! They're fighting with the invoices of the expenses of our first day services, especially the tickets of the flights. Some of them were studying how to use the XL cell phone SIM card. Telecommunication is a very important tool for volunteer services. You could see Pearl, Yvonne, Kerwin, Jada, Arhou, Synic and Loveeight.

And of course we are using Eee PCs for our preparation works. Could we say that Eee PC is an honor of Taiwan? Yes! You bet! She is Tulip. Great! She worked until 3 o'clock in the early morning!

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