The story is still begining!! The other open software workshop is opening now!
Yap~ he is brother Arhou and he is keymen in our team. why? He will do a best documentary for this E-Mate project. It'goes without saying that he is the leader of multimedia project.

"I really want to join the workshop, but I have no registered", some students said. Our best friend help students to join the workshop.

Wow~ They will be the best teacher in Aceh. Now, They are learning how to use sketchup and Gimp program to empower students.

Ima and Risma, You are the best teacher in our team. We can't teach without you.
Finally, We had a meeting tonight. See we are best. everyone shared their feeling !

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ahmadharis said...

Great Team with Great Mission. Good Luck my Friends.


rotyyu said...

But I wanna see you guys someday in my campus....