Aceh bagus!

For my friends in Aceh. I'm back to Taiwan now. It's a strange feeling that few days ago I was in Aceh and chatted with you all but now I am sitting at the desk writing the article about Aceh. During these 16 days in Banda Aceh, I lived as a Acehness, spoke as a Acehness, ate as a Acehness. I learn so many things from my friends in MIPA. It's the first time I use my fingers to eat something and wear Jilbab. Also, at every 12:45 and 16:10 I can hear the sound of reading Holy Quran and my friends will go to pray for a while. And I love the labi-labi there. We meet the "terbaik" labi-labi driver in the world. Everyday he took us from Pak Liong's house to MIPA and back. All the things here is totally new and different from Taiwan. And I am so happy that I can stay in Aceh for 16 days and make friends with you guys.

Semoga Sukses!!!

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