Every morning in Aceh

At 7:00 a.m, we start from the place we lived. There is a big crossroad on our way. In Ache, I am not good at crossing the road because the traffic system is different from Taiwan.We go to Pak Liong's house first to put our stuff and meet the teachers.

And we have our breakfast in the morning market near peunayong. This is a typical Indonesian-Chinese restaurant. They have "Nasi goreng", "Mie"and "Gua-Tau". We can find some food without spicy. But Jackily once had a very spicy "Mie" and Pearl liked it. I usually order one "nasi goreng", a cup of coffee and a cup of egg. The egg is so delicious that I miss it so much after I am back to Taiwan.

After breakfast,we take the labi-labi to go to UNSYIAH- "MIPA"Here we are. Let's start our daily work!!!

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