Friends in Banda Aceh: Saya suka anda!

Pak. Irwandi, who helped us a lot for the 3 E-Mate workshops in Syiah Kuala University.
His dress is always cool! Yeah! Photographed in the computer lab of the Physics Department.

Pak. Helmi. After such a long journey from Taiwan to Aceh. you could never imagine how well that he speaks Madarin Chinese. Photographed at Aceh e-Learning Center now ran by Taiwan Red Cross.

Yes, Ibu Lily is the Mandarin Chinese teacher at Aceh e-Learning Center. She was helping Pak. Helmi and Pak M. Nur. Oh, by the way, Pak. Helmi and M. Nur speak English very well. Well, friends from Taiwan, please try to improve your English, especially when we want to join the international society.

Statue of software liberty! The goddes is Risma. She's in the office of POSS and KPLI in Syiah Kuala University. Those mean Center for Free and Open Source Software Development and Linux User Group in Aceh.

Pearl's from our E-Mate. She is studying photography with the instructions from Johnson Mo. Some day she will also be a great photographer.

Eric's cool! He's like in a Sci-Fi movie. He's using Ubuntu and he's helping the E-Mate volunteers to get familar with the applicaitons of Ubuntu. That's why he's so cool.

Pak. Liong and her daughter Chunxia. Together with Ibu Lily, they're the kindest family in Banda Aceh. Without their help, I don't think that we could even survive in Banda Aceh.

This is Dewina. She was Pak. Liong and Ibu Lilys' family-in-law. Now she's teaching sewing classes in Aceh e-Learning Center. She's also very kind to us. We love the deserts made by her, pudding, bread and so many others.

This is Dewina's student. She's making her own fashion bag.

This is a young pupil from Pak. Liong and Ibu Lilys' school. Study hard kid! Knowledge is power!

Mechelle was talking to 齊修平(Qi Xiuping) in Aceh e-Learning Center during the visit in Ibu Lily's Chinese Class. And guess what? Xiuping is a local Acehnese who study in the Department of Physics and who speak Chinese very well -- he never speak Indonesian to us, because he talk like a native Taiwanese! ^___^

Language and culture are the greatest tool for world peace. We've learned Indonesian language in Taiwan before we came to serve at Banda Aceh. And we've found out that some local Acehnese they've learned Chinese language when we came to Banda Aceh. We could communicate using both languases together. Indochinese! Wow! Cool!

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Anonymous said...

hallo all brother in e-mate, my name farhan and im achenese and also ubuntu user. as one of people from aceh i would like to say many thanks to all brother in taiwan who have visit aceh to sharing they experience and knowledge about open source software especially about linux. To Mr. Apple (thanks for the photo too), Ahou (the MC-Master of ceremony on last documentary film) and Professor Michelle chen (nice person, thanks for your name card), i wish we can always share more after you leave aceh and we hope next time we can visit your country too and share about our culture,exprerience and knowledge about aceh to taiwan people...bravo e-mate, keep share the freedom to the world guys....:)---- http://teukufarhan.wordpress.com