Photographed by Mo Johnson ^__^

I love Johnson's photos. That's why he's a photographer and I'm not. The aesthetics of his photos look like commercials. And then luckily, the E-Mate volunteers in these photos look like
movie stars.

That's the reason why we want to invite Johnson to join our E-Mate programs.

Minnie, Tulip and Peiyi at Singapore Airport.

Writing immigration cards, including Uniphin at front.

Joe always helped us with our luggages. He's a computer specialist from Taiwan. Yeah!

Waking up at 3 and arriving at Taoyuan Airport (in Taiwan) at 5, I do think that they did not have enough sleep.

Jackily. At Taoyuan Airport preparing for departure.

Loveeight, Malaybird.

Minnie. This photo looks especially like a commercial film. And... that was not a middle finger :)
They're so exciting for the first time to go to Indonesia.

Eric, Arhou, Synic, Kerwin. Synic's briefing the journey.

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