Some of our E-mate "senior" volunteers ^__^

Hey hey hey, I'm the first one to post on our volunteer service journey to Indonesia. Sorry. What does it mean by "senior" ? Senior means that we're old enough comparing to the young yet brilliant volunteers from National Tsing Hua University.

Here are some photos of the "seniors". They're at Singapore Changi International Airport during trasit to Medan.

Eric and Arhou. Eric's a key man for promoting free software in the campuses of Taiwan. Arhou's an documentary film artist. They'll help the E-mate volunteers this year (2008).

Synic and Kerwin, who are the coordinators of E-Mate volunteer group for Medan.

Johnson, the photographic artist from Bamboo Community University, will help to take documentary photos for E-mate volunteer group.

Johnson is studying a new camera during the transit at Singapore Changi International Airport. Michelle who is an international volunteer trainer is from Langyang College in Taiwan.

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