Kingston Sponsors NTHU E-mate Volunteering Project press release

Kingston donated 30 flash drives to National Tsing Hua University E-mate Volunteering Project to assist them in their goal of promoting digital chance in Aceh, Indonesia.

HsinChu, Taiwan-(June 3, 2008)--Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, collaborated with National Tsing Hua University E-Mate Volunteering Project. The aim of the cooperation is to create the digital chance for Aceh people in Indonesia. In this case, Kingston Technology donated flash drives (USB) to suffice the need for digital devices in this project.

Aceh is a territory located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. After tsunami destroyed Aceh in 2004, a lot of children live in the worried condition and need help from other people. Since 2007, international volunteers of Tsing Hua University have participated in a series of information volunteering activities in Aceh. The goal of this project is to provide the children in Aceh chance and hope to learn and interact with people around the world. And this year, the E-Mate Project volunteers will go back to and stay from July 31 until August 16. They would like to promote the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project and carry out some workshops about GNU/Linux and free software for the students of Syiah Kuala University and teachers of senior high schools in Aceh.

Last year Kingston Technology celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Kingston Technology has lunched a series charity services in Asia. These activities are intended for public welfare to help the impoverished children get the better learning opportunities and improve their living standard. Furthermore, Kingston Technology would like to inform people to cooperate for helping the poverty people. This year, Kingston will show its care in helping the tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.”We are please to support the E-Mate Project, contributing to the society”. We always try to show the society our cares. “ said Scott Chen, Vice-President, APAC Region, Kingston.

Therefore, Kingston donated 30 USB to the E-Mate Project. Through this cooperation, Kingston hopes they could help Aceh people to get the better digital chance. The E-Mate Project volunteers will use these flash drives as recovery system disk and tool for teaching in using GNU/Linux LiveUSB for the students of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah). The flash drives can also solve the storage space problem in OLPC computers. And when the E-Mate Project activities are finished, the flash drives will donated to Aceh Learning Center “I really appreciate Kingston Technology donating 30 flash drives to our Project. Their contributions truly helped us in achieving our goals in Aceh.” said Weiping Jia, moderator of the E-mate Project.

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