E-Mate08, the assessment trip in Indonesia. The meeting with ESP & OCSP (2008/03/05)

3/5: meeting with Berta to figure out the teaching plan managers of Bodhicitta school class module

各位好,以下為孟娟於3/1-3/16前往印尼棉蘭與亞齊進行2008 E-Mate 計畫行前探勘。其 中3/5持續到棉蘭的非常著名的 NGO(非政府組織),The Environmental Services program (ESP) and Orangutan Conservation Services Program (OCSP)進行商談2008年於棉蘭菩提學校夏令營之合作課程主題,由於前兩日的拜會基礎,今天持續與ESP負責health & hygiene的Berta,協助腦力激盪出E-Mate棉蘭團之課程教材教案設計撰寫分工,以下為簡單介紹:


  1. Date: 2008/03/05
  2. Time: 15:00-17:00


  1. NTHU, BCU
    1. Wu, Meng-Chuan
  2. ESP
    1. Ibu Berta
  3. PMBI
    1. Armawati


這是與Ibu Berta在白板上解釋何謂E-Mate?以及利用將營隊的schedule畫出,讓Ibu Berta更瞭解活動進行方式

與ESP的Ibu Berta(藍色衣服)、lina(黃色頭巾)、菩提心曼陀羅基金會Arma(孟娟旁邊使用筆電者)開會,確認所有教材、教案之認領人
  1. conclusion01
    1. people who is responsible for the teaching plan of Bodhicitta School class module is follows,
      1. topic1:rain forest, Arma.
      2. topic2:orangutan, E-Mate08 Volunteers.
      3. topic3:water resources, Berta.
      4. topic4:waste management, Syafrizaldi.
      5. topic5:"save the world with daily activities", E-Mate08 Volunteers.
  2. conclusion02
    1. Synic should write letters to Dr. Ross Dilts & Kitchener to inform that we will invite ESP & OCSP staffs to join the 2008 E-Mate Green Camp. We hope that we could invite ESP & OCSP staffs to join the Google mailing list for exchanging opinions with emails and keep everyone to get information efficentlly and currently.
    2. Collecting the bussiness cards from ESP & OCSP staffs to Krwin, and help Krwin to build up a Google mailing list ASAP.
    3. Once Dr. Ross Dilts & Kitchener say yes to the cooperation, we should email all our information to volunteer from Taiwan, Arma from PMBI, and staffs of ESP & OCSP.
    4. Collecting teaching plans from Berta & Arma nest week after I come back from Banda Aceh.
    5. Inviting experts of Taiwan whose specialties are water resources, orangutan, rain forest, and waste management to provide solid trainer materials for our volunteers.

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